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Our solution for those who want to start investing in real estate with a small budget.

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Come Flip With Us...

If you have the financial resources, but you do not have the time or knowledge, this is your opportunity!

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From the ground up

Get the highest return on investment by building properties from the ground up.

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Why invest with us?

  • Our platform connects investors, lenders and owners of projects or properties.This gives us the opportunity to increase the net profits and to develop a greater number of transactions with the same budget. The concept gives inexperienced or uncredited individuals the opportunity to invest in real estate, starting with affordable amounts.

  • Our services are defined according to the needs of the future investor. We can develop investment packages where a group of people finance the transaction.
  • Most people don't invest in their future because they can't find good products with a low initial investment.
  • Many of the products on the market are expeculative. Their yields are based on projections calculated according to the behavior of the stock exchange.
  • Our platform invests 100% of its capital in real estate that produces high yield with a tangible asset that guarantees the initial investment.
  • Our platform is for everybody. You can start investing in our plans from $10,000.
  • All of our plans offers high yields, guaranteed principal and high transactional speed.
  • Each of our investors has the tranquility that their investment is 100% guaranteed. The fact that our portfolio is only based on real estate transactions, offers the opportunity to guarantee the initial investments with a property.
    Our knowledgde of the market, gives us the opportunity to buy properties up to 70% below the appraisal costs. In other wprds, every dollar you invest in our platform begins to increase in value from the moment you star with us.
    Not everyone can invest in all types of tools because the goverment regulates the investment industry.
    We have the necesary accreditations to manage this real estate's portfolios. They are 100% legal both individually and as a group. The fact that each property is considered as an individual transaction gives us the opportunity to capitalize our resorces in each transaction. You don't need to be an acredited investor to be part of our community.
  • We took advantage of the "Crowdfunding" laws and join the benefits of the LLC ("Limited Liability Company") and created a hybrid. This gave us the opportunity to create a community of individuals with an investment desire. When we utilize the crowdfunding resources we become part of high yield transactions.
  • Our platform offers the opportunity to create a group of friends or acquaintances, with a common good or financial predilection and create a global investment among them.
  • Our platform only invests in real estate transactions. We do single and multifamilies, flips and developments from the ground up.
    Real estate investing, consumes a lot money, time and resources. This tool gives you the opportunity to start your investment portfolio with a small budget, professional assitance and full transparency. You can have access to your portfolio online and be able to track your investment from your computer, tablet or smartphone device.
    Nuestra plataforma se creo con el próposito de brindarle una herramienta de inversín al individuo promedio. Tratamos de mantener los requisitos mínimos de inversión lo más bajo posible. En casí todas nuestras inversiones, tenemos un mínimo de inversión de $5,0000 que no inlcuye los gastos de cierre y referidos transaccionales.
    No existe máximo de inversi&oaacute;n. El mejor escenario es que un inversionista quiera adquirir el total de la inversión, y para esto contamos con un servicio especifico, el Flip With Dalma.

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